About Me

Already during my apprenticeship as a car mechanic with subsequent studies as a mechanical engineer, I dealt extensively with the modification of my own engines. The design and construction of intake and exhaust manifolds became my passion. 
Due to the production of the special components, an enormous demand for individual parts and custom-made products arose among my acquaintances. The logical conclusion for us was to offer small series of flanges and funnels for the construction of intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds for motor sports. 
With the acquisition of some metalworking machines, we are now able to adapt this to special customer requirements and also to offer complete custom-made products.
Today I can look back on numerous projects which are assigned to different categories. I gladly accept challenges and accompany your project from the idea over the construction up to the manufacturing. No matter if single part or small series.

Johannes Stein Metalldesign


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